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Relaunch of stonebreaker.de

Todd Owyoung's websiteAbout 3 weeks ago I stumbled upon a Twitter tweet by Todd Owwyoung. He is one of my favourit concert photographers living in Los Angeles who shares his pictures, ideas and tipps via flickr.com, Twitter and his blog www.ishootshows.com. This time my mind got stuck by his post about WordPress themes especially made for photographers.

My own website www.stonebreaker.de had been launched sometime in 2004 in the aftermath of my first (inofficial) concert shooting at the Hammersmith Apollo. I used this manually programmed website to publish my work. During the past 3 years I rather chose flickr.com as a platform to share my concert photogrphy due to its widespread networking, feedback channels and easy upload mechanisms.

For quite some time I have been thinking of relaunching www.stonebreaker.de. However, I was lacking a right approach to this endeavour. With the lecture of Todd’s post everything was obvious and clear within a split of a second: my new site had to be build on the basis of the WordPress CMS utilizing a special theme for photographers!

While Todd is very much in favour of those themes of Graph Paper Press I ended up with a theme by Alle Cole called “Autofocus+ Pro”. I had used the “smaller sister” of this theme in the cause of a project photo blog at work: Luminale – Puls der Stadt. Therefore I was pretty much acquainted with its basic features. Autofocus+ Pro is enriched with a couple of additional gimmicks. Thus I I have been working hard on the relaunch for the past weeks. In this cause most of the pictures were reworked in postprocessing, reviews of the shows had to be written while some parts of the Word Press theme had to be adapted to my demands.

Having done all this, I am finally pleased to officialy launch my new website: “Stonebreaker’s Fantography”. It is ment to be an informative and entertaining place for concert photography and concert reviews. I have many more photo-sets on my computer’s hard disc that have to be published yet. In the near future you will also find some tipps and tricks about concert photography right here.

So, be welcome as a guest on my site and stay tuned. If you want to be kept up to date suscribe to my RSS feeds . If you would like to leave a message or give an opinion just use the comment functionality or drop me a note at info (at) stonebreaker.de

Rock’n Roll,

Timm Nüchter

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