Monthly Archives: March 2011


Boppin’ B @ Schloßgrabenfest Darmstadt

Ha, what a cool gang: Boppin' B's Rockabilly gets the crowd going at the Schloßgrabenfest, Darmstadt; even when it rains ...


Alison Degbe @ Das Bett

Alison Degbe presented a number of songs of her forthcoming new album at DAS BETT in Frankfurt. Thist was a great opportunity to take some close pictures of this intense performance.


Franz Fischer @ Das Bett

Franz Fisher, multi instrumentalist and singer of the Gisberts, gave a special appearance at the MedienMittwoch on March 9, 2011.

Relaunch of

Relaunch of has officially been relaunched. Operating as a weblog with its focus on concert photography and concert reviews it brings all those exciting live moments to you that you have might missed out ... or shared!