Wanted Venues

There are concert venues hat have a special aura, some of magical touch. It seems as if the location achieves some sort of transformation in the interaction of musicians and audience. In a couple of those places I have already had the chance to take concert pictures but there are many left that I would love to be one day …

Hammersmith Apollo, London

The Hammersmith Apollo by Ewan-M

Hammersmith Apollo

One of my favourit live albums is Whitesnake’s “Live … in the Heart of the City” recorded in 1978 partly at the Hammersmith Odeon. Ever since I listened to David Coverdale’s interaction with the crowd in
Ain’t no Love in the Heart of the City” this venue has become a mystical location for me. In 2003 I was lucky enough to attend AC/DC’s concert at the then called Hammersmith Apollo. This show proved that the Odeon is a special place. The next time, I want to have a photo pass and shoot a band like Airbourne, Iron Maiden or Motörhead from the photo pit.

YouTube Video: Whitesnake’s Ain’t no Love in the Heart of the City (2006)
© Picture by Ewan-M

Freilichtbühne Loreley, Germany

Amphitheatre Loreley

Amphitheatre Loreley

In the summer of 1983 I turned on my tape recorder to record U2s concert at the German tv show Rockpalast. At the same time I watched the live broadcast on TV. Up to then I had never heard of this band before. After the show I was totally hooked! It was just unbelievable how Bono marched with a white flag right through the audience to continue singing from the back of the venue admist the audience. Those pictures were epic.
It took more than 2x years until I went to a concert at the Freilichbühne Loreley myself: REM in 2008. Now I am waiting for a chance to go there with a photo accreditation in my pocket. Well, things are looking pretty good in 2011 …
YouTube Video: U2 at Rockpalast, 1983: “40″
© Picture by Jackie Kever

River Plate Stadium “El Monumental”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires

River Plate Stadium

If you want to find out what Rock’n Roll is all about check out this this video of AC/DC’s show in Buenos Aires, December 2009. This crowd at the River Plate Stadium cannot be topped!!! I have never seen somthing that impressive alike. The entire stadium went nuts for 2 hours: from the first to the last row. This has been unrivalled yet!
© Picture by planetapostales

At YouTube I found this statement concerning the Argentinian crowd and its effect on the statics of the building:

“The crowd in Argentina is so amazing that government is actually thinking about suspending concerts in that stadium. Because of the impact that the crowd provokes jumping altogether generates earth movements that put in risk the stability of the buildings in the neighborhood. GN’R is comin’ next so I hope they don’t close it and of course that the buildings remain still…”

Red Rocks, Colorado, USA

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Check out U2′s DVD “Live At Red Rocks – Under A Blood Red Sky” and you will immediately realize the natural beauty of the natural amphitheatre which is located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorad. No doubt, it must be special to attend a show there and capture it with a camera. The natural location is just breathtaking. A perfect setting for the most spectacular open air concerts!
© Picture by David Amiraul

Circus Krone, Germany

Circus Krone, Munich

Circus Krone

Originally built as the main winter headquater of the Circus Krone in 1950 this solid circus tent has been host to some of the greatest rock and pop bands of all times: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, AC/DC, Frank Zappa, The Who and many more … The atmosphere of the building gives each show a special intimacy and a flavour that is unrivalled in Germany. One day, I will be there with my camera …
© Picture by Dennis140

Festhalle Frankfurt, Germany

Festhalle Frankfurt

Festhalle Frankfurt

The Festhalle Frankfurt is my “home turf” just 25 minutes away from my home. I’ve been to many concerts at this fantastic hall which was build on demand of the German emperor more than 100 years ago. The sound is not always of the best quality but the crowd is in great shape and the artists enjoy the historic atmosphere.
© Picture by Istvan