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Stonebreaker’s Stonebalancing Adventures

Heiko Brinkmann's Fotostream at flickr

Balance by Heiko Brinkmann

9 concerts in 8 days: SAGA, Manfred Man’s Earthband, Thin Lizzy, U.F.O., Dio Disciples, Stryper, John Kottack, Ally the Fiddle and The Rods! This definetely cried out for a long rest.

There is hardly any other European country besides Greece that provides everything which is needed for a complete relaxation: beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains, clear rivers, good food  and hospitable people. This year these holiday incredients were completed by a new passion of mine: STONEBALANCING!

Inspired by the wonderful work of Heiko Brinkmann which I encountered in his fotostream at flickr.com I really got into it. Therefore you will find Stonebreaker doing the Stonebalance in this picture gallery. Have fun and most important – try it out yourself. It’s big fun and easier than it looks!

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